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I live in Italy and currently I’m studying Electronical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. One of my biggest passions are computers, I’ve always wondered how they work and how to make them do what I want.

That’s why I started programming when I was 14, and I’ve never stopped since then. My current skills are mainly focused on web development, but I also have experience with C and C++. Generally I am a quick learner so I pick up new technologies quite easily. I have a modest math background which helps with algorithmic thinking. I am also interested in reverse engineering of mobile apps, I adore using Frida.

Here is a list of technologies I have decently used in the past/am currently using:

I believe that quality is better than quantity, so I prefer to understand well one technology rather than knowing a bit of everything.

Besides programming I do a lot of other things that aren’t worth noting here, but if you are that curious you can always message me 😉